Marine Reserves: Where do you fit in?

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Marine Reserves: Where do you fit in? was produced by the JASON Foundation for Education using data and content obtained from a decision support tool designed by Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary staff.
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The sea around Anacapa Island is one of the most biologically rich and economically important areas of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and National Park. Because Anacapa Island is close to mainland harbors, it is a very popular place to fish and dive. In this simulation, you have been asked to represent one of the stakeholders in a working group to establish new marine reserve areas near Anacapa. You must develop a plan that will satisfy the group you are representing yet be acceptable to the other groups’ representatives.

The mission of your working group is:
To protect, maintain, restore and enhance living marine resources through new management strategies that encompass an ecosystem perspective and promote collaboration between competing interests.

Choose well. The fate of the sea near Anacapa Island and the people who live off that sea is in your hands!

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