"" Navigating the Channel Islands ""
Across the Channel in a Chumash Tomol Running the Channel with a Cargo of Gold Cruising the Channel for Scientific Research
Chumash Tomol S.S. Winfield Scott R/V Ballena

Do you have the skill, strength, and courage to paddle an open canoe all the way across the Santa Barbara Channel?

Experience a Chumash tomol, or plank canoe, in the time before the Spanish arrived.

You've just been invited to join an exclusive organization known as the Brotherhood of the Tomol. Will you be a wise navigator?

There's a new record to beat on the run from San Francisco to Panama. Passing through the Channel is a dangerous but fast shortcut.

In the mad scramble for riches during the California gold rush of the 1850s, the fastest boat is the best boat.

You are the captain of the sidewheel steamer, Winfield Scott, loaded with passengers, mail, and gold. Can you reach Panama safely?

Modern navigational technology makes sailing the Santa Barbara Channel safer and easier than ever.

As the skipper of the NOAA Research Vessel Ballena, you're perfectly equipped to take water samples for the Plumes and Blumes project. Your data will help show how sediment from streams on the land spreads in the water in the Channel.

Do you accept this mission?

Paddle a Tomol

Pilot a Steamer

Skipper a Research Boat

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