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B-WET Project: Bay Watershed Education and Training
Channel Islands LIve: Ventura County, 2009-2012

For the past four years, Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE) has been one of a handful of agencies to receive funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) under its California Bay Watershed Education and Training (B-WET) Program. This program provides funds to support environment-based education throughout the watersheds of San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, and Santa Barbara Channel.

Learn more about BWET | KEY TV News: B-WET Event (quicktime)

Along with the Channel Islands National Park, the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and other regional agencies, VCOE is working with area teachers to provide students with the opportunity to explore one of the most diverse marine environments in the world through an integrated learning experience that is supported by standards-based, interactive curriculum, active participation in monitoring and gathering data on the local environment and live interaction with researchers working in and around Channel Islands National Park and National Marine Sanctuary.

We are currently starting our fifth year of this project.

2010-2011: B-WET Project Participating Schools and Teachers

Teachers, Grade, School, District Administrative Support
Rene Fields, Craig Michels & Tanya Zimmer
5th Grade, & 3-4-5 GATE, Sheridan Way Elementary, Ventura Unified School District
Susan Eberhart, Principal
Marilyn Hamm and Jon Mortensen
6th Grade, Bard School, Hueneme School District.
Christine McCloskey , Principal
Alisa Antonioli , Veronica Mojica, Stephanie Yates & Stacy Krause
6th Grade, Blackstock School, Hueneme School District.
Elena Coronado , Principal
David Ragsdale, Ed Tech Support

Albert Najar, Susana Orozco, Paul Owens & Sam Savala 4th Grade, Art Haycox School, Hueneme School District.

Thomas Beneke, Principal,
Steve DeCoste, Ed Tech Support
Mark Haug & Daniel Martinez
7th - 9th Grade Special Education, Phoenix School, Ventura County Office of Education.
Allan Murray, Principal
Trine Harvuot & Nisha Parmar
11th-12th Grade Marine Science, Moorpark High School
Moorpark Unified School District
Jason Peplinski, Principal

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